Aged Black Garlic Liquid Extract

Product of Black Garlic: Aged Black Garlic Liquid Extract

Product features:

The black garlic extract essence blended with smoked plum extract and haw extract to create a vibrant and smooth sweet and tart taste. We select only the high-quality cloves of garlic and grade them strictly after a thorough cleaning and carefully pick out the certain ones to ensure the quality. Then they are left to age naturally and turn slowly into black garlic under a specific fermenting process with rigorously controlled temperature and humidity. Finally, the essence is extracted from black garlic through hi-tech extraction approaches resulting in a small-molecule substance which is readily assimilated.  It is mild and is a natural and healthy dietary supplement.

*This product is made of herbal extracts, which preserves its authentic taste and is highly absorbable to the body.
* Developed together with academic institutes, the functions of this product is reliable.*Confirmed by animal experiments that it protects the liver from acute damage and enhances the restoration of the liver functions.* Highly concentrated blends precisely formulated to provide daily functional nutrients to the body efficiently.
 *Stored at room temperature, easy to carry.

Black garlic is full of nutrition, rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, 18 kinds of essential amino acids, vitamin B, magnesium, peptides, minerals, dietary fiber, enzymes and other nutrients.It can replenish the necessary nutrients to strengthen the body, refresh oneself, activate cells, regulate the physiological functions, regulate blood sugar levels, enhance immune functions, promote metabolism, protect the liver, relieve constipation, help the heart and the nervous system to function normally, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Product Information:
Ingredients: Concentrated aged black garlic extract, smoked plum extract, and haw extract.
Volume: 30ml / bottle, 15 bottles / box.
Price: NT $ 150 / bottle, NT $ 2000 / box.
Free Shipping:
All orders of NT$ 1500 or more of products shipped at room temperature or that of NT$ 2000 or more of frozen products qualify for FREE shipping.
Shelf life: 18 months.
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and keep from direct sun.
Cautions: This product does not contain any preservative. Please finish up as soon as possible upon opening.
Suggested Usage: 1 to 2 bottlㄒes a day, take directly from the bottle.
Country of Origin: Taiwan.

Good for those
who often engage in social dinners and drink a lot,
who get tired easily,who work under high pressure,
who regularly stay up late working or studying,
who desire beautiful complexion, andwho care about maintaining physical health.

1. This product is extracted from herbs and not a medicine. There is no specific dosage or other restrictions.2. Having a deposit on the bottom is normal. Shake well before taking.3. This product is made of natural ingredients following a unique formula, so it is normal that the color or flavor will be slightly different from batch to batch. The difference does not affect the quality and its effects.

Safety Guaranteed: Tested by SGS, this product is free of pesticides, artificial colorants, and preservatives.
This product is covered by a 20-million product liability insurance policy.

Nutrition and Functions of Black Garlic: